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Finally I can wave a good bye to my Siebenbürger Mädel. This part of the story is, probably, the most depressing one, for it doesn't end well - however, there's an open ending, so everything can still change for the best!

Teaser: this final part includes two dialogues between Mathilde and gróf Andrássy Gyula ;)

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Предпоследняя часть "страданий юной Матильды". Как особенно ярко видно по последним абзацам, "маразм крепчал".

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ЗЫ. Поскольку это вырисовывается в новеллу, обращаюсь к более близким к литературе, чем я, френдам с просьбой о критическом оценивании.
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On with the much romanticized - or just adjusted with the laws of Belle Lettre and the whole 19th century "girlish novels" - account of what happened to your humble servant and her character on that evening at Munich State Opera.

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My first RPG did take place Saturday evening, and that was fantastic! I enjoyed myself immensely, met great people (I mean both German/Austrian, etc, aristocracy - and clever, witty and interesting Kyivites;) and also had my first public concert - I sang four whole songs and the public seemed to like that!
I am writing a belletrized account on the events of the evening, here's the first part of it (only in Russian, that would take so long to translate...) That turns out to become a sentimental story of an ingenue who got in the very centre of malicious intrigues... The text is crossposted to [ profile] arda_kiev.

When photos appear I'm gonna repost them here, surely:)

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