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*all this actually written – or started to be written – at 1:28 AM*

As it turned out that I have an insomnia (this is the third hour of it!) I’ve decided to fulfil a wish and post the lyrics of ‘Roseanne’ (or what they look like when only listened to). This time – Vanity, thy name is woman! – I’ve even decided to try translating them into both English and Russian. This song is considerably easier, still there is a number of unclear places. That’s to say nothing of my terrible punctuation. Will be grateful for any corrections.

For topic ‘outsiders’ or ‘half-outsiders’: this is a solo song of Van Helsing – non-existent in any other version of this musical (written especially for Kröger, yeah). It isn’t connected in any way to any events in Stoker’s novel or in any of its adaptations.

the song itself )

English translation – very, very raw and uncombed )

И, наконец, по-русски. Опять-таки, прошу не судить строго и не пытаться найти здесь следы высокого искусства )
And the song itself uploaded to sendspace )
P.S. 2:51 AM
P.P.S. And I still had an hour more of insomnia... Had to listen to 'O tyle proszę Cię' (Polish 'All I Ask of You') for several times as a medicine, but it didn't work as quickly as I'd wished. However, it is always pleasant to hear repeated words like 'Kocham cię' in your ears...
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Many people have already noticed that the new Graz album of the musical ‘Dracula’ “really devours the brain”. I am no exception. Thomas Borchert, ah!... (many more sighs and kisses) How does he utter this or that phrase with his deep voice, now cruel and cynical – and now tender and loving… Now I really wish to have his solo album. Uwe Kröger ist “Hämmer”, as always – only he in the role of van Helsing could defeat such a Dracula as Borchert. All others are also quite nice, especially Carolin Vasicek… But now closer to the topic.
As it turned out in [ profile] chantfleuri’s journal that there are no German lyrics for it in the net, I decided to try taking down the words while listening to the songs. I put in square brackets [] both pasages in which I have the slightest doubt and the passages in which I don't understand anything. As I can grasp only several phrases, I hope that other people might find out the real spelling of several others. Brainstorming usually brings fantastic results! And then someone may pick up another song…

Be careful! The content below may damage your brain!

My humble efforts. Also, my efforts to translate that into Russian with funny and not so funny comments. )

UPD: Made necessary changes. Also added photos. None of the photos is new; still there should be something to illustrate the whole story.

Illustrations, pictures and audio )


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