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**да, я знаю, что на аватарке Будапешт - но Прага сейчас именно такая мрачно-готично-слякотно-дождевая. Поэтому я и греюсь в интернет-кафе**

Вчерашний день я особо описывать не буду, он был самый обычный - для экономии усилий я в Карловы Вары поехала не своим ходом, а с группой (факультативная экскурсия, через пивзавод Крущовице) - немного пожалела, ну да ладно. Зато не напрягалась. Я имею в виду, было слишком много пивзавода (даже не пивзавода - слишком много ожидания, пока все купять все пиво, которое влезет в багажник автобуса) и слишком мало Карловых Вар. Но город Гете и Бетховена, тот самый "самый вероятный город на букву К." Бетховена я еще раз посетила. У меня уже давно мечта приехать сюда надолго отдохнуть... Настолько он прекрасен.

Сегодня у меня опять своя собственная программа, и опять я вижу все выгоды планировать свой день под себя извращенку любимую. Главное впечатление утра и одно из главных впечатлений от Праги вообще - Ольшанское кладбище, или "то старинное кладбище, где снимали фильм Ван Хелсинг". Подробности под кат.

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Excuse my English, but I'm not allowed to switch the keyboard here. It's 3:30 AM, I'm in Prague, I have insomnia, I am sitting in the hall of my hotel and typing this. No, everything is quite right with me, just some insomnia because of overexcitement. No, I'm not drunk; no, I haven't had absinthe. Yet. Yeah, and I've been a good girl, I haven't visited the museum of sex machinery. Yet. Nor the museum of medieval torture instruments (if they are two separate museums, what I sometimes doubt judging from the advertising photos), by the way - as well, not yet.

What I HAVE seen and heard already - under cut.

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Haven't posted entries for quite a while, and so much happened! This Saturday evening I'll be back to dearest Kyiv. And I haven't done so much I wanted to do!

So now - probably the best idea would be to tell quite in brief about every day's events since my last entry.

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I don't have much time or, more important, wish to write here - so I shall probably only tell a bit about places I've already visited.
So far... Biergärten in Englischer Garten and Hirschgarten (or had I already written about the latter?), Hofbräuhaus, Alte Pinakothek, - and "Mamma Mia" at the oldest Munich cinema. Also a Hungarian restaurant (they offered decent business-lunch with HUngarian dry wine) - and fancy, everybody there was speaking Hungarian! I understood so many words... for example, "meghalt" - I hope you know what it means?)) (it's from "Unstillbare Gier" - that's what finally occured to the girl in 1617). I hoped much that they were not using this word about their clientele;) I thanked them in Hungarian, and so on - and they were rather amazed.

I liked Alte Pinakothek pretty much. Especially those wonderful Flamish landscapes and French pastels. And - twice especially, if one can say that - portraits of noble people (or probably mere Bürger) of old.

Unfortunately I could found but one of these picture in the net. I assure you, there were much more Markgrafen and so on and so forth. Not all of them were actually to my liking, but those who were - so noble, so handsome, so clever, so self-assured... Just to imagine that all these people once lived and belonged to their age... I guess you will understand me.

And for you I have this painting. Some say that this can be Velázquez' self-portrait. If this man were fair-haired... then I could name him Ysidro:)
Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez
Young Spanish Gentleman

As for "Mamma Mia" - very nice, advise you all! All this singing and constant dancing and breathtaking landscapes...

As for today, I am visiting Glyptothek (a collection of Greek and Roman sculptures) - and a theatre in Gärtnerplatz, they are giving Verdi's "Die Räuber" (don't know the Italian title, but this is after a play by Schiller). Unfortunately there were no tickets left for "Die Meisternsingern von Nürnberg"! *weeps* - I wanted to visit this performance especially... Anyway, anything goes.
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So - I am now quite on my own in this marvellous city! I am here on a two-week German language course at Goethe-Institut, but that takes place only from half past eight to a quarter to one, and only five days a week, so I have so much free time!

I am placed in a Mädchen (for girls) guesthouse called Caritas Wohnheim, that's in Herzogspitalstraße, 7 - only some blocks from Marienplatz, the main Place in Munich. Goethe-Institut in Sonnenstraße, 25 is only in five minutes walk. I have a single room with all furniture one should need, but only a washbasin of all conveniences. However, it does have two mirrors! - after rereading Stoker's "Dracula" I was very anxious to check their presence. There's a kitchen in the corridor where I cook my hot porridge every morning. And even a commonly used fridge with - ah, that's so funny! - many deposit safes, as in bank. Fancy having a separate key for your safe in the fridge!

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And to finish: even before boarding the plane it occured to me that the song "Blut" which is now haunting me, as its performer himself would, can suit me so well! One should only sing "Deutschland" instead of "England" - and then I am also coming "Auf ins fremde Land, auf ins neue Land", "Ohne Wehmut und Reue"... and the lines "Wie ihre fremde Unbekannt bin ich mit Taten und mit Namen", "Hier begegnen die Leute mir mit Argwohn und Liest"! Really, the thought that I am a mysterieux personage from Eastern Europe makes me kinda intoxicated and euphoric.
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Yes, this is quite true - I am in the capital of Hungary! That's my last day in the city, tomorrow we are leaving it, though I'll be in dearest Kyiv only on Monday morning. During this long waited trip I've had my ups and downs (for I am an optimist, let us say that mostly these were ups). I have been making rich notes in my diary (I mean an old-fashioned paper diary). Although by now I have only finished describing this Monday, I hope that I'll put all my adventures and impressions on paper and after that send them to this blog. If fair-haired, almost blonde me learns finally the management of livejournal, I shall even post photos from the trip. So I have one day more in Hungary, one day more in Lviv - I hope that the best is yet to come! Probably returning home would be the best, for I am already soooo homesick...


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