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Учитывая, насколько я часто бываю в ЖЖ и насколько часто пишу отчеты, лучше сразу отделаюсь двумя полюбившимися фото из уже выложенных)

Пикниковое фото от [ profile] allan_karmine

Бальные фото (вернее, два бальных и одно сентиментально-дневниковое) от [ profile] lady_middleton под катом
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UPD. Фото появляются быстрее, чем можно было мечтать) Еще на фоне самого дворца от [ profile] allan_karmine +1 )
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К предпредыдущему посту: три, три раза не получалась фотосессия с Аполлоном. Я понимаю, что это идиотизм и юрунда, но я хочу, хочу эту фотосессию. И - мистическим образом все фотки с выпускного очень милые, я, обычно нефотогеничная, на них замечательна - но та серия из них, где я с греческим богом, размыта и расфокусирована! Ну хоть... хоть я не знаю, что. А настолько удачной прически и наряда с макияжем у меня еще неизвестно когда будет...

Три раза подряд. Начинаешь верить, что с мраморными греческими богами (ну ладно, с гипсовыми, какая разница) что-то мистическое связано.
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Знаете, как бывает - въелись в память мелодия и текст песни, и не отпускают. Давеча прокручивала в голове текст одной известной моцартовской арии - и меня посетило озарение. Слово nimmermehr, на которое я как-то не обращала внимания, даже не задумывалась о его значении - это ведь То Же Самое!

Теперь меня преследуют уже не тексты арий, а всего одно, это самое слово. Вернее, неправда: оно меня не преследует, я его приняла, я им руководствуюсь, и я этим наслаждаюсь. Удивительно вовремя ко мне пришло это слово. Nimmermehr. Как говорила miss Sacharissa Cripslock: "Ing. I feel so much better for saying that, you know? Ing. Inginginginging".
Так вот. Nimmermehr. Nimmermehr. Nimmermehr.
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Отвечаю, как я дошла до такой жизни научилась делать три вещи:

1. Танцевать
2. Так хорошо и легко учить языки
3. Любить оперетты

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Могу принять еще парочку вопросов:) И раздать вопросы всем желающим.
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Как всегда, когда надо бы делать огромную кучу домашних заданий по педиатрии и немецкому, в данном случае, я занимаюсь ерундой:)

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Thank God it's Friday! (c)

Well, honestly, this week was quite fine. The discipline we're studying now is surgery - a whole month of complete "Eintauchen" in this science awaits. And I'm glad about that. The hospital we're staying and practicing in is great - I mean the people working there, from teaching professors to any surgeons and nurses. Our group mentor, notorious for his severity, turned out to be actually a very kind-hearted person, who really cares for the students and just wishes them not to be dumb-heads and to learn how to use their brains at full capacity and to become good doctors. As soon as he saw that we were no malicious hooligans and lazibones, he became so good to us. Today I even got my first A (those are said to be really rare with this teacher).

We visit operational units quite often - every two days, I should say, and this is a really strange thing. At this hospital we have unbelievable access to all the places - usually students aren't admired by the staff, you know, so they aren't shown and let much.
Yesterday we visited three operations (sic!) laparoscopic cholecystectomy - it's second half, actually, first. The visualisation on the large colourful screen was fantastic! I saw laparoscopic cholecystectomy before, long ago (that means some four years) - but the screen was little and black-and-white then... Then there was hernioplasty (operation on inguinal hernia, better ask Google for any details) on an elderly person with only local anaesthesia (that's normal for this operation. Still, one must feel quite embarassed when the surgeon cuts and puts stitches in his groin area - ans a bunch of girls is crowding around and the surgeon tries to flirt with them asking questions about topographical anatomy of testes and inguinal canal and so on). We didn't wait the very end of this operation. But as for the third one - we saw it from the beginning and to the very end. That one was appendectomy, and our teacher performed it! The case was difficult - subhepatic location, long taken for acute cholecystitis, so already gangrenous. But that means only that it lasted long - our teacher was brilliant!
And I was very glad that I could stand all this! I have low blood pressure and usually start feeling very badly after having to stand still for some time; walking is all right - but even general hospital morning round with long stops at each ward are almost unbearable for me. That is one of the reasons I don't want to become a surgeon or a anaesthesist or so on. But this time - I felt dizziness, but I could stand it! (though I needed to use the chair in the operative unit for half a minute now and then).

And today we had great fun looking on roentgenograms. We were given one each and left for some twenty minutes. Many people panicked at first, for several were so terrible (I mean not for the patient, they were all Greek to us). For example, my film had only two dark lungs on the very top and nothing - a complete whiteness - not a single bowel shadow - on the rest of it. And other people had such clear cases of perforated ulcers with gas under diaphragm and couldn't make anything of that! Finally, using my deduction, I guessed the right answer to my case (lineal tomography, not plain roentgenography - the reason of the general vagueness and generalized peritonitis as the heart of the case - surely bowels weren't seen, for there was liquid everywhere!) We laughed a lot, btw, when decided to tell about all unclear cases that "This is not lupus!" (c) (unfortunately, we didn't bring to life that congenious idea of answering).

Now for books. I've finished Stendhal's "La Chartreuse de Parme" for the third time - this reread was because of the RPG on this book which is to come. Ah, what a great book! The time, the place, the style... I admire the duchess Sanseverina, as well as count Mosca greatly. Ah, the intrigues! Ah, the irony and the saying of the characters which I want to use as quotes immediately!
Today I got myself the French text (for I was reading in Russian, surely!) to see how several phrases sound in original and learnt a funny thing. Almost all the Italian names in the original text are frenchenized! Stendhal wrote not about Fabrizio, but about Fabrice; Lodovico was Ludovic, etc. It's a bit weird as for the characters which were pure Italian - but in general I am for translating names. That made me again wistful about the strict official rules of transcribing names for foreign use. I do love my name much - especially its Russian variant, Ukrainian one is not so nice to me, though it's still my name - but in English and all other Western European languages I'm used to the form Alexandra from early childhood, I love it and am always glad to use it and hear from others. But the law makes me only 'Oleksandra', and no other way!
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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions.
3. You should then update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You should include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed you should ask them 5 questions.

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Name ten things you like, beginning with the same letter - and describe them.
Got K from [ profile] larisch

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